Anal Punishment and Demotion of a House Slave 2013 Mickey Mod role play, humiliation

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Lyla Storm, senior house slave, is highly regarded as an example of all that the House offers: Discipline and Duty. She can also pull the trailer hitch off with ease and even have an ethereal sense of humor. The Household discovers that Slave Storm can be a problem when she takes over the care of Kristine Kahill (a novice slave girl). For KahillA’s failing, Slave Storm gets her first strike. Storm is instructed to show the Underling how to sucking cock like an Upper Floor slave. As the long, two-girl blowjob goes on, the two girls gag one another over the hard cock until Kahill is right. Strike Two: Kahill again makes us laugh when she’s unable to properly present herself for the reward. For KahillA’s second failed attempt, Slave Storm has her garters and stockings taken away. Two slaves climb up on top of KahillA’s rock-hard dick to take turns flipping it cowgirl style until their legs are so tired from the pumping, they can no longer stand. Strike Three: Slave Storm discovers that she doesn’t even know the House rules! Slave Storm is berated and made to take off her House Leathers. This House is embarrassed at the lack of discipline on this Eve. Lyla Storms anal Punishment will be used to punish Storms. Storm is now a House Slave. She is an affront to the House’s record and she will be punished. In a humiliating act of penance, she takes on a brutal and vile ass fucking with her sister. Storm ends up covered in come, and is ordered to leave our sight. Her underling slut sister hurls pussy into her face in a degrading display of penance. Storm is sent to the basement where she will be further punished and then retrained on basic House service. Watch her in retraining at

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