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It&severe;s time to educate my grandma the artwork of this hogtie. I&severe;ve prepared sweet babysitter Lana Lane at a knee point frog tie in the edge of my bed. Her wrists have been massively bound elbow smashed together painfully along with her mid-section totally roped up in extreme bondage. Her pussy is in a rope divide in 2. I straddle Lana&severe;therefore pretty face and place a ballgag head use her. The drool begins instantly and that I stink and taunt my pretty prey telling her just how much pleasure we are likely to have and the way I want her to beg me for mercy. Lana moans throughout her gag and away I go to receive the women to their hogtie lesson. Lana sobs and struggles on her knees expecting the torment for her helpless body. The twins are all here and I&severe;ve put Lana on the bed. I reveal that they haven&intense;t even tied her knees closely enough and I retie them and show the women how to snap the bondage. I put poor Lana down to the bed and reunite the hogtie rope showing the girls how to find decent leverage to arch their victim´s back up. I twist the rope through her legs and continue to arch Lana&intense;s back because she maons and screams into her gag. After she&intense;s brutally hogtied, I roll her around to admire my work. I send off the girls to watch television so that I could have some real fun with their babysitter. I can barely roll Lana over the ropes are so tight and so intense. Awwww does that make your pussy wet? I decide to reveal Lana exactly what the ring onto her mind harness is for and that I torment her body mercilessly pulling her head back painfully. I like to see them suffer. I smack Lana&intense;s ass and begin to tie her big toes with twine yanking her toes back attaching the twine to her elbow rope. Lana moans and sobs, but I am having way too much fun playing her. I tell her we need to escalate things a bit. Lana´therefore breasts are now bound tourniquet design and they are already turning bright red. I push a massive wad of cloth into her mouth and then wrap her pretty face tightly with thick electrical tape. The gag is so tight that Lana yells it through, however I don´t even care whatsoever. You see pretty woman, I&extreme;m definitely going to offer you the ride fo your lifetime. I put down on the mattress and put Lana&severe;s leaping body along with me. I catch ahold of her waist and XXXX her to ride me like a pony. Allow the fun start – for me that’s!! Lana bounces up and down and I begin to get really turned off. I grunt and groan as the climax takes over my entire body cumming explosively. Awwww what&severe;s wrong babydoll, wasn&extreme;t this fun for you too. I laugh as I have still another orgasm using helpless Lana driving me pussy.

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