Primary Evolution 2.0: Sci-Fi Feature.. Tsseduction 2011 Danni Daniels TS, Anal

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Danni Daniels and Gia DiMarco star in this feature , “Primary Evolution 2.0”. These are no ordinary women, these two are the creation of science. Perfectly cloned to seduce and capture men both with their irresistible sexiness and their alien dominance. Kyle (played by Noah Brooks) thinks he is on an ordinary date – the kind that end the predicable way – with his dick buried deep in some hot girl’s pussy. Retina (Gia DiMarco) entertains Kyle’s ego and fantasy, knowing full well that there is cock in his future… Back in the lab, Synapse (Danni Daniels) and Retina make short work of their captured man – fucking him, milking him and making him take cock in his ass.

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